We work with young people around sexual health and emotional well-being.

We can offer:

Peer mentoring in schools and the community
CARE Project offers one to one support for young people at risk of sexual exploitation and workshops in schools and youth venues
Work with boys and young men around healthy relationships, 'Break the cycle'
Reachout (in partnership with the Warren) is an outreach project covering the city of Hull talking about anything!!
Step Out offers support for young people around gender and sexuality 
Training for professionals and parents
Relationship and sex education in schools or any other youth setting

For one to one support please download and complete the appropriate referral form below or contact us on 01482327044



Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentoring



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Boys and Young Mens Project

The BYM project exists to meet the needs of boys and young men aged 11-19 in Hull and the surrounding areas. The interventions they project can deliver are as follows:


Break the Cycle is a project offering tailored 1-1 support to males aged 11-16, at an early intervention stage.  The aim is to work with the young men identified as showing early warning signs of abusive behaviours, and to support them in their understanding of themselves and relationships to prevent behaviours from escalating and becoming more serious. The support will “nudge” these males back on to a healthier path by delivering weekly sessions with no fixed end date. 
The project also offers a 5 week programme in schools, working with small groups of young men who have been identified by the school as needing extra support with emotional control, these could be young men potentially displaying quite aggressive behaviours within school. The programme aims to help these young people express their emotions in a healthier way, by learning to spot the early triggers and giving techniques to help control emotions better.

*The project is not for young people who are currently witnessing domestic abuse at home. If this is the case please treat it as a safeguarding issue and deal with it appropriately.*



Supporting young males aged 11-19 with learning disabilities around Relationships and sexual behaviour.


If you have a query about a referral or want any more information please email Luke Medcalf bym@wearecornerhouse.org call 01482 327044



Care Project

The CARE project is aimed at supporting young people who are being sexually exploited or are considered to be at risk. The project works with both boys and girls, on a one to one basis and in schools, and can do work with the young people around a variety of topics including sexual exploitation, grooming and risk-taking behaviour both in the physical and online worlds. 

The CARE team are CEOP ambassadors and are able to train young people as well as staff.

Offering resources from CEOP, Barnardo’s and the Blast Project, as well as bringing their own in depth personal knowledge and experience, they offer high impact sessions as a one off or over a number of sessions.

Please get in touch with the team to discuss your needs.


01482 327044

The Peer Education and CARE teams often work in partnership to deliver complete packages around sexual health and wellbeing.

People Support



The Reachout Project is delivered in partnership with The Warren. The aim is to engage with young people who have very little to do and are not engaging with their local youth provision and are potentially participating in low level anti- social behaviour. Partner agencies can complete request forms if there are areas where there are groups of youths who may benefit from the team trying to engage them. There are a team of 4 outreach workers who cover 10 shifts a week. 


Locations are subject to change depending on calls for service from partner agencies.

Monday afternoon -  Orchard Park, Kingswood, Chaulky Park

Monday evening - Robson Park, Noddle Hill Nature Reserve, Howell Road Park, Bude Park

Tuesday afternoon - Pickering Park, Peter Pan Park, Hessle Road and Lord Line

Tuesday evening - Bricknell Avenue, Hotham Road North, Wymersley Park

Wednesday afternoon - Longhill Shops, Greatfields, Holderness Road and East Park

Wednesday evening - Sutton Village, the Avenue, Cricklewood Walk, Bellfield Ave and Ings Skate Park

Thursday afternoon - Spring Bank, Princes Avenue, Pearson Park, Newland Avenue, Beverley Road and Hull City Centre

Thursday evening - Hull Interchange, Pearson Park, West Park, Hessle Road Network and Semi Park

Friday afternoon - Hull Interchange and St Stephens, the Marina and the Deep and Queens Gardens

Friday evening - Hull Interchange and St Stephens, the Marina and the Deep and Queens Gardens

Monthly Saturdays - East Park and Ings Road skate park, Oakwood Park, West Park, Pickering Park, Pearson Park 

Contact Connie Easterby-Jackson on connieeasterbyjackson@wearecornerhouse.org or 07852 745292 

Request form:

Download Reachout Request for Services

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Peer Mentoring - HeadStart

The project offers one to one support and befriending to young people aged 10-16 within schools and the community. Young people are invited to apply for the role of peer mentor, they are then selected and trained to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge necessary to support young people identified as having emotional health needs. These could be due to a number of factors including stress of exams, bullying, isolation, and/or family issues.

The mentee will receive:

Regular support from a positive role model close to their own age
Support with issues which impact upon personal growth and development
Help with identifying goals
Help with action planning and problem solving

Peer mentors will not make decisions for the mentees; however, they will suggest options, identify consequences and/or share their experiences.

The peer mentors will support with individual issues and give young people the opportunity to discuss any worries they have.

Each mentor will work in partnership with the young people’s peer mentoring project worker and will receive regular support via group and one to one supervision.

If you would like any further information or to discuss a referral, please email Becky Braithwaite rebeccabraithwaite@wearecornerhouse.org or call 01482 326513

To make a referral for a peer mentor please download our HeadStart checklist and email to peermentoring@wearecornerhouse.org


HeadStart Hull Checklist Referral (Peer Mentoring only)

HeadStart Hull Checklist Referral (Peer Mentoring only)

People Group


Relationship and Sex Education

Cornerhouse provides a range of services for schools and colleges that can enhance the PSHE Education curriculum and support for students and staff.

Relationship and Sex Education:

Cornerhouse offers a wide range of RSE workshops which provide a programme of learning that builds a firm base of knowledge around relationships, sexual health and wellbeing, equipping young people with the necessary skills to make informed choices.

Our sessions promote open, frank and positive discussions about bodies, identity, gender, relationships, consent and sex at an age-appropriate level, that challenge negative societal attitudes and embraces sexual diversity, while emphasising the importance of consent.

Our team of youth workers are equipped to deliver fun, engaging and interactive sessions and are adaptive to the needs of the group, we all work one to one with young people around the same subjects we offer sessions on and bring “real life” knowledge, and where appropriate, scenarios, to our workshops.

We can cover all aspects of the RSE curriculum, if there’s something you’re looking for specifically get in touch, we have a vast array of resources to create bespoke sessions to meet your needs.

Tender – Healthy Relationships Project

Our engaging, drama-based sessions empower students with the skills and confidence to build positive, respectful relationships with others, and to consider their attitudes and behaviour in a safe, age appropriate way. During our workshops, we work with one class in a year group in which they will:

  • Identify key elements of healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • Recognise early warning signs of unhealthy relationships
  • Explore the importance of equality and respect
  • Understand personal boundaries and consent
  • Increase self-confidence and empathy for others
  • Develop awareness of where to seek or signpost support

They will then create a performance to present this knowledge back to the rest of their year group.

Our current project also include a 1-hour CPD accredited INSET session for 15 or more staff, enabling them to become more confident around the issue of relationship violence and to be able to effectively ensure the safeguarding of their students.

For all RSE enquiries contact Viv Blackledge vivblackledge@wearecornerhouse.org 07580 417577



Step Out

We offer a support group for LGBT+ young people aged 11-17, who want to socialise with other young people experiencing similar things to them.  This is a weekly session on a Tuesday 4.30-6pm.  For confidentiality and safety reason please contact us to arrange a first meeting with a member of the group staff who can have a chat about it with you and give you more information.

The group is run in partnership with the Warren and we have an experienced counsellor you can access through the group as a member of the team.

You can message our page on facebook, call or text Viv on 07580417577, or call the Cornerhouse office on 01482327044, email stepouthull@gmail.com 



Professionals Training

Cornerhouse can offer a wide range of training for professionals working with young people around all aspects of our work. 

Can't see you're looking for?  We can deliver bespoke training for your organisational needs, or you can pick from a menu of existing courses:

  • Introduction to sexual health and young people (level 1)
  • Supporting Young People: Sexual Health (level 2)
  • Condom Distribution Training
  • Sexuality and Young People
  • Working Effectively with Boys & Young Men
  • No Rush, No Regrets - delaying early sex (2 Day course)
  • Young people Sex & The Law
  • Promoting Positive Sexuality: Young People living with Learning Disabilities
  • Pornography: Issues for Young People
  • Trans* Awareness
  • LGBTQ+ Awareness
  • LGBTphobia Issues & Awareness
  • Child sexual exploitation awareness
  • Speakeasy (for parents, support to speak to children about puberty, relationships and sex)

Contact us so we can assess your needs with you to offer a quote.  Full days training starting from £400

Email vivblackledge@wearecornerhouse.org or call 07580 417577

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