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HOPE - at Christmas 2020

Reflecting on Hope, my first thought is that it’s what’s dragged us through this year isn’t it?  Hope and grit and sheer will power!

However, one of the very early worries as we started hearing whispers of a lock down in March was the impact that this would have on those who would now find themselves forced to stay home with their abusers, both in existing domestic abuse situations, and those with the potential under the new circumstances.

In June, Women’s Aid publishes a report called “A Perfect Storm – The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on domestic abuse survivors and the services supporting them.” 

The research found that 91% of women who were experiencing abuse at the time of responding said the pandemic had impacted their experiences of abuse in one or more way/s. This included:

  • feeling more afraid (52.2%)
  • feeling that they had no-one to turn to for help during lockdown (58.0%)

Hull is a White Ribbon City, and in response to this, this year the young people of Hull added their voices to the campaign to prevent violence against women.

The 16 days of action were kickstarted with a youth summit involving a number of organisations such as The Warren, Hull DAP and the Youth Voice and Influence team, schools and colleges.  Our Boys and Young Men's project coordinator Luke (who has been a White Ribbon ambassador for a number of years) delivered the White Ribbon presentation to the young people attending to encourage them to become youth advocates for White Ribbon. 

A true example of Hope for the future, that more young people will be better equipped to know what to do if they are worried about someone, and able to seriously take the pledge to never commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women.  And that this in turn will hopefully help reduce domestic abuse and violence against women in the future.

You can find the campaign on social media @hullypsayno and see some of the powerful short films young people created for the project.


Voices of @hullypsayno with their words of commitment to women who are victims of domestic violence. Please join the cause. #NoExcuseForAbuse #MakeThePromise @HumbersidePCC @matt_8362 @CEXHCC @EmmaHardyMP @HeadStartHull @wereCornerhouse @Emmaus_Hull @WINNERHull @northbankforum pic.twitter.com/X4IHyVz9d6

— Hull Young People Say No (@hullypsayno) December 2, 2020


Luke’s project Break the Cycle was funded by the Hull Crime Commission to deliver early intervention work with 11-16 year old boys and young men who are starting to show controlling and coercive behaviours, this could be towards a partner, a parent or any relationship where this is picked up.  You can contact Luke for more information on lukemedcalf@wearecornerhouse.org

We are also able to deliver work around healthy and unhealthy relationships in creative and engaging sessions in schools, colleges and youth venues, through tailored RSE sessions and projects like "Tender" (a 2 day arts and drama based peer education course) get in touch with Viv find out more – vivblackledge@wearecornerhouse.org

If you or someone you know needs support you can contact:

  • Women's Aid online chat
  • Hull DAP call 01482 318 759 or request a call back via their website 
  • Preston Road Women's centre online chat or call 01482 790310
  • National Domestic Abuse Helpline freephone, 24-hour helpline 0808 2000 247
  • In an emergency call 999, if you can't speak speak or answer questions, press 55 when prompted and your call will be transferred to the police. Pressing 55 only works on mobiles and doesn't allow the police to track your location. If you don't press 55 your call will be ended.

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