Confidentiality Policy

1. Confidentiality Statement:

Cornerhouse (Yorkshire) recognises the importance of confidentiality to children, young people and families (clients) and is committed to providing a safe and confidential environment to the users of its services and its staff.

2. Definition of Confidentiality:

  • The personal information of clients should only be disclosed external to Cornerhouse (Yorkshire) when the individual has given consent. However, in exceptional circumstances e.g. threats of violence, actual violence, risk of harm to self or others and suspected and actual child abuse: this may not always be possible. Exceptions are discussed under exceptional circumstances.
  • Cornerhouse (Yorkshire) recognises that clients should be able to access Cornerhouse (Yorkshire)’s services in confidence and no other person, external of the organisational staff team, should know that they have accessed the services. However, this excludes any assumptions made by other clients about each other should they meet whilst on the premises.
  • Cornerhouse (Yorkshire) recognises that at times, information may be directly or indirectly discussed during other internal forums outside of the clients’ sessions (e.g. supervision and referral to an internal service etc.). During such discussions, unless it is essential or relevant, care must be taken to ensure that individual’s personal identity is not revealed by name or any other way. All staff should ensure that discussions relating to a client do not occur outside of these forums.
  • Cornerhouse (Yorkshire) recognises that clients need to feel secure that they are accessing the services confidentially. Cornerhouse (Yorkshire) will ensure that one to one direct appointments take place in a confidential space.
  • Cornerhouse (Yorkshire) will not confirm a client’s attendance or presence within the without obtaining the clients consent.

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