What we do

What we do


-CARE Project - working with children at risk of exploitation

-Reachout - outreach service engaging with young people who might not be engaging with their local youth provision and are potentially participating in low level anti- social behaviour.

-Commercial Sex Workers Project - A project supporting women working within massage parlours/saunas in Hull.

-Boys and Young Mens project

-Peer Mentoring (Headstart)

-Step Out - LGBT youth group 11+

-Tender - Healthy and unhealthy relationship project delivered in schools

For one to one support work, please download our referral form from below, complete all sections, and email to admin@wearecornerhouse.org

Cornerhouse Referral form download

Cornerhouse Referral form download

Boys and Young Men

The BYM project exists to meet the needs of boys and young men aged 11-19 in Hull and the surrounding areas. The interventions they project can deliver are as follows:

Support for LGBT+ young people on a 1-1 basis as well as in Step Out (our LGBT+ youth group). Can also provide support to schools to set up their own groups.
Break The Cycle- It is the aim of the Break the Cycle project to offer tailored 1-1 support to males aged 11-16 at an early intervention stage that will prevent behaviours from escalating and becoming more serious. The support will “nudge” these males back on to a healthier path by delivering weekly sessions with no fixed end date. The project is not for young people who are currently witnessing domestic abuse at home. If this is the case please treat it as a safeguarding issue and deal with it appropriately.
Support for low level sexual offences e.g. inappropriate touching, sending and receiving images etc.
Emotional Control sessions within school. Groups of around 5 BYM who have been highlighted by the school as being unable to control their emotions, normally displaying quite aggressive behaviour within school. This project aims to help these young people express their emotions in a healthier way by learning to spot the early triggers and giving techniques to help control emotions better.
Supporting young males aged 11-19 with learning disabilities around Relationships and sexual behaviour

If you have a query about a referral or want any more information please email me at bym@wearecornerhouse.org

Or call

01482 327044

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People Support



Working with children at risk of sexual exploitation. Working with groups in schools as well as offering one-to-one and group support for young people in a variety of settings.  Training for workers, teachers and parents around child sexual exploitation is available.

Commercial Sex Workers Project

A project supporting women working within massage parlours/saunas in Hull.

Visiting the massage parlours/saunas once a week, and independent workers as they request, it supports women by offering a non-judgemental, friendly ear.  This can be around any aspect of their life, advice around housing issues, educational courses or accessing reputable childcare in their area.

For example, recent work has included supporting a woman in having her children returned to her from the looked after system; encouraging clients into services for mental health problems; helping a family flee domestic violence and access affordable legal assistance and encouraging clients to take care of their health.  Support around health includes guidance around breast examination, and regular health checks such as smear tests.  The project can accompany clients to these services and act as advocate to support in their access and treatment.

Also offering support and training around self-esteem and assertiveness for clients working in a CSW environment to enable them to take control of their lives.

The project offers very a holistic approach to ensure working woman are able to access support they need when they need it.  If the project worker is unable to help, signposting and referrals to appropriate services is offered.


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