What we do

What we do

We work with young people around sexual health and emotional well-being.

We can offer:

  • Peer mentoring in schools and the community (part of Headstart)
  • One to one support for young people at risk of sexual exploitation and workshops in schools and youth venues (CARE Project)
  • Work with boys and young men around healthy relationships, 'Break the cycle'
  • Reachout (in partnership with the Warren) is an outreach project covering the city of Hull talking about anything!!
  • Support for young people around gender and sexuality - including the Step Out group
  • Training for professionals and parents
  • Relationship and sex education in schools or any other youth setting

For one to one support please download and complete the appropriate referral form below or contact us on 01482327044

Referral for BYM and CSE

Referral for BYM and CSE

Peer Mentoring (Headstart checklist)

Peer Mentoring (Headstart checklist)

Reachout request

Reachout request

People Group


Boys and Young Men

The BYM project exists to meet the needs of boys and young men aged 11-19 in Hull and the surrounding areas. The interventions they project can deliver are as follows:

Break The Cycle

Break the Cycle is a project offering tailored 1-1 support to males aged 11-16, at an early intervention stage.  The aim is to work with the young men identified as showing early warning signs of abusive behaviours, and to support them in their understanding of themselves and relationships to prevent behaviours from escalating and becoming more serious. The support will “nudge” these males back on to a healthier path by delivering weekly sessions with no fixed end date. 
The project also offers a 5 week programme in schools, working with small groups of young men who have been identified by the school as needing extra support with emotional control, these could be young men potentially displaying quite aggressive behaviours within school. The programme aims to help these young people express their emotions in a healthier way, by learning to spot the early triggers and giving techniques to help control emotions better.

*The project is not for young people who are currently witnessing domestic abuse at home. If this is the case please treat it as a safeguarding issue and deal with it appropriately.*


SEN Support

Supporting young males aged 11-19 with learning disabilities around Relationships and sexual behaviour.


If you have a query about a referral or want any more information please email Luke Medcalf bym@wearecornerhouse.org call 01482 327044


The CARE project is aimed at supporting young people who are being sexually exploited or are considered to be at risk. The project works with both boys and girls, on a one to one basis and in schools, and can do work with the young people around a variety of topics including sexual exploitation, grooming and risk-taking behaviour both in the physical and online worlds. 

The CARE team are CEOP ambassadors and are able to train young people as well as staff.

Offering resources from CEOP, Barnardo’s and the Blast Project, as well as bringing their own in depth personal knowledge and experience, they offer high impact sessions as a one off or over a number of sessions.

When completing the referral form, please ensure to complete as much as possible with as much detail as you are able to provide as this will help us with initial assessment and allocation.

Contact details

Jenna Little - jennalittle@wearecornerhouse.org 07376179759

Connie Easterby-Jackson - connieeasterbyjackson@wearecornerhouse.org 07852745292

Viv Blackledge - vivblackledge@wearecornerhouse.org 07580417577

Peer Mentoring

The project offers one to one support and befriending to young people aged 10-16 within schools and the community. Young people are invited to apply for the role of peer mentor, they are then selected and trained to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge necessary to support young people identified as having emotional health needs. These could be due to a number of factors including stress of exams, bullying, isolation, and/or family issues.

The mentee will receive:

Regular support from a positive role model close to their own age
Support with issues which impact upon personal growth and development
Help with identifying goals
Help with action planning and problem solving

Peer mentors will not make decisions for the mentees; however, they will suggest options, identify consequences and/or share their experiences.

The peer mentors will support with individual issues and give young people the opportunity to discuss any worries they have.

Each mentor will work in partnership with the young people’s peer mentoring project worker and will receive regular support via group and one to one supervision.

If you would like any further information or to discuss a referral, please email rebeccabraithwaite@wearecornerhouse.org or call 01482 326513


The Reachout Project is delivered in partnership with The Warren. The aim is to engage with young people who have very little to do and are not engaging with their local youth provision and are potentially participating in low level anti- social behaviour. Partner agencies can complete request forms if there are areas where there are groups of youths who may benefit from the team trying to engage them. There are a team of 4 outreach workers who cover 10 shifts a week. 

Locations are subject to change depending on calls for service from partner agencies.

Monday afternoon -  Orchard Park, Kingswood, Chaulky Park

Monday evening - Robson Park, Noddle Hill Nature Reserve, Howell Road Park, Bude Park

Tuesday afternoon - Pickering Park, Peter Pan Park, Hessle Road and Lord Line

Tuesday evening - Bricknell Avenue, Hotham Road North, Wymersley Park

Wednesday afternoon - Longhill Shops, Greatfields, Holderness Road and East Park

Wednesday evening - Sutton Village, the Avenue, Cricklewood Walk, Bellfield Ave and Ings Skate Park

Thursday afternoon - Spring Bank, Princes Avenue, Pearson Park, Newland Avenue, Beverley Road and Hull City Centre

Thursday evening - Hull Interchange, Pearson Park, West Park, Hessle Road Network and Semi Park

Friday afternoon - Hull Interchange and St Stephens, the Marina and the Deep and Queens Gardens

Friday evening - Hull Interchange and St Stephens, the Marina and the Deep and Queens Gardens

Monthly Saturdays - East Park and Ings Road skate park, Oakwood Park, West Park, Pickering Park, Pearson Park 

Contact Connie Easterby-Jackson on connieeasterbyjackson@wearecornerhouse.org pr 07852 745292 

Request For Services Form Download

Request For Services Form Download

Relationships and Sex Education

Cornerhouse has delivered relationship and sex education in secondary schools and other venues for over 25 years.  Subjects covered include but are not limited to:

  • Sexual health - STIs and HIV, Contraception, Condoms, safer sex
  • Healthy relationships - consent, CSE, domestic abuse
  • Puberty and body changes
  • Body image, self esteem and identity
  • LGBT+
  • Online safety, CEOP

We can offer bespoke packages to meet your venues needs whether that is a one of session, input for an enrichment day a whole school approach, to discuss your needs please get in touch with Viv Blackledge - vivblackledge@wearecornerhouse.org or 01482327044



Cornerhouse  has  teamed  up  with  Tender  who  are  a  London based charity to deliver The Tender Healthy Relationship Programme that has been run across London for the past 10 years.

Tender Healthy Relationships is a 10 hour project which works with one class of students in either Year 8, 9 or 10.  Our aim is to help students develop skills for building healthy and respectful relationships.  We achieve this through open, creative workshops that explore the healthy and unhealthy aspects of relationships, empowering students to consider their attitudes and behaviour in an age appropriate way. 

The culmination of the project is a performance, where students can share their knowledge to their peers (approx 180 students).

The project also includes a 1 hour CPD accredited Staff INSET session for 20 or more staff, enabling them to become more confident around the issue of relationship violence and to be able to effectively ensure the safeguarding of their students.  

Once the Inset has been delivered, your school will be given a copy of the Tender Facilitator pack (which retails at £45). This pack will enable you to embed the learning into your own school practice through lesson plans, statistics and research information.

Participation in this programme can boost student achievement in Drama, PSHE and Citizenship, and can help schools achieve the new OFSTED criteria for outstanding PSHE teaching.  

Participants will learn to:

Understand the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships
Develop drama and communication skills
Discuss attitudes towards relationships constructively
Advocate respect and equality in their peer groups and communities
Offer appropriate support to their peers and seek support if they need it

There  are  a  limited  amount  of  projects  available  this  school  year,  so  please  get in  touch  with Viv at  your  earliest convenience if you have any further questions or if you would like to book in a project.


01482 327044

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