Cornerhouse (Yorkshire) is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee which provides information, support and services to enable young people in Hull to make informed choices, and take appropriate action to improve their sexual health and wellbeing, and reduce the stigma associated with sexually transmitted infections and HIV.

Cornerhouse (Yorkshire) was formed in 1988 as an AIDS Action agency, in response to the rise of HIV in the UK. Its original role was to provide a help-line for people who had concerns or wanted more information about HIV.  It began life with two paid workers and a group of enthusiastic and committed volunteers, based in a portacabin behind Hull CVS.

During the initial few months a need for community support was identified for people living with HIV/AIDS. Funding was sought to employ a training manager to train volunteers in this area and also to a wider audience including the health authority and social services.  It was during this time that the charity was given the building on the corner of Percy Street, hence the name Cornerhouse, which was opened on World AIDS Day in 1988, this has enabled the charity to further develop its services.

The charity went from strength to strength as further needs were identified. A successful funding bid was made to the Local Health Authority to start an outreach project.  The project was based on going out to street locations in Hull and East Riding with young people.  The method used was quite unique and over the years has enabled young people to make informed choices in their lives.

During 1991, Cornerhouse was established as a company limited by guarantee (number: 2626968) and a registered charity with the Charity Commission (number: 1003540).

In 2001 the charity changed its name to Cornerhouse (Yorkshire) from Aids Action in recognition of the other services it provided. The objects clause was reviewed and expanded in 2004 to allow the charity to assist with promoting the prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STI) or HIV and HIV related illnesses by the provision of health services whilst supporting the emotional, physical and spiritual welfare of such persons and by any other charitable means.

The management of Cornerhouse consists of the board of directors and officers known as the Executive Management Committee who work closely with the senior management team. Ultimately the work is divided among Executive committees and senior management.

Although there are other agencies in the voluntary and community sector who provide similar services on the issue of sexual health to young people, Cornerhouse is the only non-clinical organisation in Hull whose business is dedicated to the issue. Cornerhouse has nearly three decades of expertise, skills and knowledge in tackling sexual health issues in the community, working with marginalised groups and ensuring services are user led while still contributing to the delivery of government targets.

Over the past seven years specific funding has been provided by different organisations to work with young people and those who are disadvantaged, vulnerable and marginalised in the community, especially on the issues of Child Sexual Exploitation and Emotional Health issues.

In the time the organisation has been in existence we have worked with thousands of young people and now their children. We continue to work in a creative and proactive way, ensuring the young people of Hull are able to access confidential, friendly and varied services to enable them to make informed choices in their lives.

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