Training Diary

April 2018 - March 2019

Courses available

  • MECC: making every contact count  mandatory for all youth providers (voluntary and statutory sectors)
  • Introduction to sexual health  Young People (level 1)
  • Supporting Young People: Sexual Health (level 2)
  • Stand and Deliver 
  • Condom Distribution Training
  • Sexuality and Young People
  • Working Effectively with Boys & Young Men
  • No Rush, No Regrets
  • Young people Sex & The Law
  • Promoting Positive Sexuality: Young People living with Learning Disabilities
  • Pornography: Issues for Young People
  • Trans* Awareness
  • Homophobia Issues & Awareness
  • Speakeasy

Please download and complete a booking form and training contract and forward to Helen Phillips, Cornerhouse, 29 Percy St, Hull, HU2 8HL, 01482 327044, admin@wearecornerhouse.org 


If you are a Hull City Council employee please contact Admin at Endeavour Learning & Skills Centre Beverley Road,Hull,HU3 1UR tel: 01482 615349 or book direct on the system. 

Training dates and venues have been offered for multi agency groups, however bespoke training can be offered to Organisations looking to train over 8 workers on 1 specific date where possible.  We offer this option as organisations do have specific training days for staff.

Any of our training requested for groups outside the local Hull area can be arranged but will incur a charge.

Any queries or concerns about the training we can offer please contact:

Neil Wade, to@wearecornerhouse.org, Cornerhouse, 29 Percy St, Hull, HU2 8HL, 01482 327044


Cornerhouse also co-facilitates CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation) training with Hull Safeguarding Children Board

For the HSCB training diary and application please see HERE

Next training dates are 15 October, 11 December 2018, 24 January or 19 March 2019

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Cornerhouse booking form.docx

MECC – Make Every Contact Count – Brief intervention training for staff working with children and young people.

Dates available:

Monday 10th December 2018       9.30am - 4.30pm

Thursday 7th March 2019             9.30am - 4.30pm


Venue : Endeavour Learning & Skills Centre, Beverley Road, Hull, HU3 1UR

Target Group:    This course is mandatory for any front line staff who work with children, young people and their families, in particular staff from integrated youth services, community support teams, children’s centre’s etc.

Course Details:

This training course offers non clinical staff, an understanding and strategies to enable them to undertake a brief intervention with the families they work with to support them to make healthier lifestyle choices.


By the end of the course participants will have knowledge of:

•             How to undertake a brief intervention

•             Motivational interview skills

•             Confidence in raising and addressing health  issues

•             Basic knowledge on key health issues e.g. physical health, substance misuse, healthy relationships and emotional health and wellbeing.

•             Knowledge of key referral routes for those who need more intensive/specialist support.

•             Understanding of how to record interventions and impact.

People Group



Introduction to Sexual Health (Level 1)

Dates available:

Monday 5th November 2018              9.30am – 1.00pm

Thursday 7th February 2019              9.30am – 1.00pm

Venue: Endeavour Learning & Skills Centre, Beverley Road, Hull


This half day training session is designed as the first step for anyone looking to gain the knowledge and confidence to support young people around sexual health issues

Learning Outcomes

• Knowledge of up to date and accurate information to promote safer sex and contraception

• An understanding of the nature and transmission risk of STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections including HIV/AIDS)

• Awareness of where to access and sign post to local sexual health services

• A practical overview of sex and the law


Supporting Young People: Sexual Wellbeing (Level 2)

Dates available

Tuesday 4th December 2018         9.30am - 4.30pm

Monday 4th March 2019                9.30am - 4.30pm

Venue: Endeavour Learning & Skills Centre, Beverley Road, Hull


Participants will explore sex and relationship education while being offered practical strategies to integrate promoting positive sexual health into current working practices.

Learning Outcomes

•             An understanding of the appropriate use of sexual language and terminology

•             Build confidence to talk to young people about sensitive sexual health issues such as abortion

•             How to engage and challenge young people about sexual health issues

•             Understand and acknowledge the issues faced by young people relating to sexuality and sexual wellbeing

•             The opportunity to apply and integrate current trends in sexual health training

 (N.B. Participants must have completed Introduction to Sexual Health Level 1)



‘STAND AND DELIVER’ (2 day course)

Facilitating sexual health workshops/group work with young people

Dates available:

Wednesday 16th & Thursday 17th January 2019     9.30am – 4pm

Venue:  Endeavour Learning & Skills Centre, Beverley Road, Hull

This 2 day course, in line with the recommended quality standards for sexual health training (DH,2005), will explore effective methods to facilitate sexual health group work and workshops for young people.  The course is designed for workers with a good knowledge of the issues relating to young people and negative sexual/relationship behaviours and risk taking.  The course will provide workers an opportunity to reflect and explore current standards, resources and exercises currently used to engage young people with sexual health issues.


To enable participants to share, build and develop their knowledge, skills, understanding, attitudes and confidence to provide excellent sexual health workshops and group working with young people.

The course is delivered in a participatory and experiential style and by the end of the 2 days participants should be equipped to:

•             Understand the use of the group contract and ice breakers when facilitating group work

•             Provide safe and co-operative environments in which young people can feel motivated and supported to change and promote positive sexual wellbeing by understanding group building.

•             Understand their role as a facilitator to positively challenge discrimination, stigma and prejudice by recognising a social and holistic model of sexual health

•             Explore and engage with a variety of methods and materials to deliver sexual health workshops


(N.B. Participants must have completed Introduction to Sexual Health and supporting Young People (level 1 &2)

Condom Distribution

½ Day Course

All participants must have completed the Introduction to Sexual health Level 1 and Supporting Young People: sexual health level 2 prior to this training.

Every request for this training will be assessed and forwarded for approval.  Also a copy of the Sexual Health Policy including guidelines for condom distribution must be available and brought to the training.

NB Cornerhouse can assist any Agency in compiling a Sexual Health Policy to enable a condom distribution service to be offered.

Aim: To ensure an excellent condom distribution service for young people is offered throughout Hull and surrounding area.

Learning Outcomes: By the end of the training workers will be equipped to:

•             Keep appropriate records

•             Understand confidentiality and child protection

•             Offer Young People (YP) advice and guidance around condom use

•             Engage with young people about issues of safer sex

•             Give Condom Demonstrations

•             Work in accordance with Service Protocols

Please contact Neil Wade at Cornerhouse to discuss suitability. Bespoke training can be arranged for Organisations where 6 or more of their workers require this training.



Sexuality and Young People

Dates available:

Friday 23rd November 2018      9.30am – 1pm

Monday 11th February 2019      9.30am – 1pm

Venue: Endeavour Learning & Skills Centre, Beverley Road, Hull


This training package provides participants with a basic understanding of the issues relating to young people expressing their sexuality.

Learning Outcomes

  • Exploring definitions of sexuality and how our expressions of sexuality can impact on our behaviours and wellbeing
  • Challenging homophobic/discriminatory attitudes and practices towards gay, lesbian and bisexual young people
  • Understanding the possible outcome of overt and covert homophobia
  • Identifying opportunities for integrating learning into working practice

Working Effectively with Boys and Young Men

Dates available:

Wednesday 24th October 2018  9.30am - 4pm

Tuesday 12th February 2019       9.30am – 4pm

Venue: Endeavour Learning & Skills Centre, Beverley Road, Hull


This 1 day course is designed to provide participants with an understanding of the issues that affect boys and young men in relation to sexual wellbeing. The course provides a safe environment for participants to explore a variety of ways of effective working with boys and young men.

Learning Outcomes

  • To reflect on current practice when working with boys and young men
  • To explore and identify worker values in relation to perceived behaviours (social and emotional) of boys and young men
  • To acquire knowledge of effective ways of working with boys and young men
  • To gain an understanding of the sexual health needs of boys and young men



No Rush - No Regrets (2 day course)

Dates available:

Thursday 18th & Friday 19th October 2018               9.30am – 4pm

Wednesday 13th & Thursday 14th March 2019         9.30am – 4pm

Venue: Endeavour Learning & Skills Centre, Beverley Road, Hull

This training has been developed as an outcome of research which identified the high levels of regret for young people who had early sex.


To equip those working with young people with an understanding and the skills to help support young people (14years old and under) to delay early sex, until they feel ready and confident with their decision.  The course explores how workers can support young people to make positive and informed choices about their sexual behaviour and wellbeing.


  • To look at the causes and effects of early sex and current research findings
  • To understand the role played by media and peer pressure in early sex
  • To explore a range of practical ways of working with young people to help them to make positive and healthy decisions for themselves
  • To gain skills to hand on to young people in how to say ‘no’ and resist pressure
  • To focus on alternatives to having sex for example in terms of exploring intimacy and sensuality in non-sexual ways
  • To consider the role played by friendships, supportive adults and professionals in supporting delay
  • To reflect on ways in which we can offer guidance and support to young people about delaying early sex
  • To try out a new approach to building young people’s self esteem and to plan ways in which to implement the course learning, how to integrate these approaches into all aspects of practice and how to present and develop this work with young people

Young People: Sex and the Law

Dates available:

Monday 7th January 2019         9.30am – 1.00pm

Friday 29th March 2019             9.30am – 1.00pm

Venue: Endeavour Learning & Skills Centre, Beverley Road, Hull.


This half day course aims to allow participants the opportunity to gain a working knowledge of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 with specific reference to young people.

Target Group: suitable for anyone supporting young people.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Increase knowledge and understanding of issues relating to young people expressed in the Sexual Offences Act 2003
  • Understanding of use of mobile phones for sexting and the Law 
  • Opportunity to explore how the Law could and does affect working practice
  • Explore ways of working with young people to explain the consequences and impact of Sex and the Law for certain behaviours

NB.  All participants to bring a copy of their organisations safeguarding policy/guidelines when working with young people. 



Promoting Positive Sexuality for Young People Living With Learning Difficulties

Dates available:

Tuesday 30th October 2018                9.30am – 4pm

Wednesday 20th February 2019         9.30am – 4pm

Venue: Partnership Learning & Skills Centre, Beverley Road, Hull


This 1 day course aims to give workers the opportunity to explore issues relating to sexuality and personal relationships when supporting young people living with learning disabilities (LLD).  In a safe and informal setting workers will be able to reflect on their experiences and feelings by considering and examining how learning disability may impact on issues of safety, personal freedoms and the human right to form positive, loving relationships.

Learning Outcomes

  • Increase awareness of legislation and policy issues regarding positive SRE (sex and relationship education) for people LLD in residential care settings
  • Explore what are appropriate and inappropriate responses relating to relationships and the sexual expression of young people LLD
  • Opportunity to gain awareness in addressing issues of sexuality
  • Challenge stereotypical attitudes towards sexual relationships for people LLD
  • Opportunity to examine personal, family and organisational values and feelings towards SRE.
  • Awareness of local support and available resources for SRE

Target Group

Suitable for anyone supporting young people with learning disabilities in a learning or residential care environment. 

Pornography: Issues for Young People

Dates available:

Friday 14th December 2018               9.30am – 4pm

Tuesday 19th March 2019                  9.30am – 4pm

Venue: Endeavour Learning & Skills Centre, Beverley Road, Hull

This course is aimed at anyone that works with/cares for young people and has concerns around the use of pornography and/or sexting.


To allow participants to identify and explore some of the issues and attitudes around young people and pornography and sexting.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Opportunity to gain a better knowledge of the law around Pornography and sexting.
  • Opportunity to explore their own attitudes to pornography.
  • Be able identify issues around use of pornography by young people
  • Be able to identify negative outcomes of using pornography and sexting for young people.
  • Opportunity to identify how to put the learning into practise.



Trans* Awareness

Dates available:

Friday 7th December 2018            09.30am – 1.00pm

Monday 25th March 2019              09.30am – 1.00pm

Venue: Endeavour Learning & Skills Centre, Beverley Road, Hull


To give participants an understanding of some of the issues faced by gender variant/trans* young people.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Opportunity to understand the terminology around gender variance/trans*.
  • Opportunity to discuss issues faced by trans* young people.
  • Opportunity to look at current legislation/rights around trans* young people in school and employment.
  • Opportunity to gain knowledge of local support services for trans* young people.

Homophobia Issues & Awareness

Dates available:

Monday 21st January 2019           09.30am – 1.00pm

Friday 1st March 2019                   09.30am – 1.00pm

Venue: Endeavour Learning & Skills Centre, Beverley Road, Hull


To raise awareness of issues around homophobia for LGB young people.

Learning outcomes:

  • Participants will have the opportunity to discuss and consider their views on homophobia.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on the current law and latest research on homophobia and how it affects young people.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to consider effective ways to challenge homophobia.


Face Swept Hair Two


Speakeasy (Accredited 16 taught hours course)

This is an OCN accredited course designed by the FPA (Family Planning Association) and delivered by approved FPA facilitators.  The course is designed to increase the knowledge, confidence and skills of parents, grandparents, foster carers & residential workers, when addressing sexual health issues. It also offers a platform to raise concerns about issues relating to relationships and sex.  Research has shown that adults/parents are very concerned about answering questions specifically related to sex and sexual behaviour.

Does the thought of talking to your children about sex and relationships worry or confuse you?  If so, let me introduce you to SPEAKEASY

A course designed for parents and carers of children of all ages

Fun • Relaxed atmosphere • Informative, 

On the course we look at:

  • Answering children’s questions (all Ages)
  • Sex and relationship education in schools and through the media
  • Sex and relationship education in the home
  • Puberty and growing up
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Contraception

The course is made up of 8 x 2 hour modules, and can be run to suit the needs of the group.  For example, courses have been run over a 8 week period, 4/5 weeks or 3 days.

For further information and/or to book the training for a parents group please contact Angie Middlehurst on 01482 327044.

For male only courses please contact Neil Wade on 01482 327044.

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